The Idea of Anand Vruddhashram (The Free Old Age Home)

When Tara Sansthan started out to organize eye camps in far-off villages, it was noticed that there were many helpless and poor old people who had no support from any quarter. So we decided to open an old age home for such aged people who are destitute, lonely and helpless, who either do not have any body in their family to care for them or who have a family but are not treated well and are insulted and humiliated.

Thus just 3 months after establishment of Tara Sansthan's first eye hospital, AnandVruddhashram was also opened on 3rd February, 2012to provide relief to these helpless and suffering people with accommodation, food, clothing, medical care, entertainment and a homely atmosphere - all absolutely Free-of-Cost in the Old Age Home.Although the idea did not attract many villagers but many upper middle class urban people started flocking the old age each home.

Started with just 45 beds, the AnandVruddhashram, Udaipur has upgraded to a sprawling new premises for 150 senior citizens which were opened in April 2018 and Sept.2022 respectivety; besides having 15 bed facility in Prayagraj.

Tara Sansthan

Tara Sansthan, an NGO with a resolve of service to the suffering poor people, was founded in 2011 by Mrs. Kalpana Goyal d/o Shree Kailash Manav the founder of Narayan Sewa Sansthan (Trust), Udaipur. Humanitarian activities of the organization are as follows:

Anand VruddhashramAnand Vruddhashram (Old Age Homes)
Anand VruddhashramEye Hospitals (Tara Netralayas)
Anand VruddhashramHelping Widows (GauriYojana)
Anand VruddhashramHelping Poor Old People (TruptiYojana)
Anand VruddhashramShikhar Bhargva Public School